Apartment Door Locks

Apartment Door Locks

Apartment complex’s built in the past ten years, the apartment door locks & frame are not very secure. Main front doors of apartment blocks ¬†with auto entry with key code or fob should not be mistaken as security doors but as convenience entry doors and not depended on for your apartment security.

Strangers can enter apartment blocks too easily and doors & frames of apartments doors are not strong enough to withstand being kicked in, or the apartment door cylinder will be snapped or bumped.

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“The Right Apartment Door Locks”

Use 2 or more visible individual locks on your apartment door.
Create the triangular locking system minimizing the pressure on the apartment door frame.
Different locks have different characteristics and require different equipment and skills to be forced open.
Apartment Door Locking Bars

The strength of a normal apartment door can definitely be increased by installing one or more locking bars, which improve security from 3 points of view:-

  • They add a lock to the apartment door’s existing lock
  • They add locking points that hinder breakthroughs
  • Anchored in the walls and/or the floor, they keep the apartment door in place if an attempt is made to unhinge it.

There are various types of locking bars, Vertical or horizontal & mechanical or electronic suitable for any apartment door.

Doors may be open in or out with Glass or no glass panels. Timber, uPVC, Aluminum or Composite in construction.

Fixed Locking Bar

This locking bar is installed horizontally (choosing the size of the locking bar according to door width), is extremely bend-resistant and pick-resistant, the deadbolt engages in cramp-irons walled or anchored in the wall, providing protection against attack and unhinging. It is operated by a special round cylinder with 7 pins, armoured externally by an attack-resistant and anti-drill plate.

Adjustable Locking Bar

It has the same high security features as the fixed one plus the ability to easily adapt to doors of different width, between 73 and 98 cm. It is also equipped with an effective anti-attack device, activated by a single throw, which allows you to keep the door ajar and communicate with the outside in absolute security. It is operated by a European profile 7-pin cylinder of special length, armoured externally by an attack-resistant and anti-drill plate.

Mechanical Universal

This locking bar can be installed on all types of accesses (doors, shutters, French doors, skylights, etc) both horizontally and vertically, can be shortened very easily to the required size (up to 65 cm) or extended using an appropriate kit (even over 4 m, for example for garage doors or roller shutters) and operated by an European profile cylinder. The cylinder can be armoured with an attack-resistant and anti-drill security escutcheon, provided.

Electronic Universal

This locking bar combines all the security features of the mechanical version with an intrusion-detection vibration sensor, a GSM dialler and a room listening microphone all incorporated withing the locking bar fitted to the apartment door.

By simply inserting a SIM card and storing the numbers to be notified in case of attempted theft, the electronic module housed in the Locking Bar detects any burglary attempts, sends an advanced warning text message to preset numbers and calls the first stored number. To evaluate whether or not an attempted theft is underway, the locking bar allows you to listen remotely, in real time, to what is happening in the room in which it is installed.This provides you with an advanced warning re an attempted burglary, if you sitting away from your door you will receive a text so you can react to deter any burglary.

All these locking bars are suitable for the Apartment Doors, House Doors or Back Doors.