Window And Door Crime Prevention

The Garda Commissioner has designated this week the 23rd September – 30th September 2014 as Community Safety Week primarily focusing on reducing and preventing burglary. They have issued Winter Warning on Burglaries Burglaries typically rise by approximately 25% in winter Majority of burglaries during winter take place between 5pm and

Deadbolts Versus Cylinders

Deadbolts versus Cylinders There has being a lot of information on social media recently about replacing the cylinders on your entry doors that this will stop a burglar entering your home. But the correct information about this is that it is untrue, it is only part of the solution not

Stop The Burglar

Who is Stop The Burglar? We are a Certified Home Security Risk Assessment Company But what does this mean? It means that we are qualified to give home security advice unlike some individuals or companies promoting home security How are we qualified? Our Managing Director Peter Murray has completed Security

Safety Survey

According to new research from Liberty Insurance, one in six people didn’t lock their front door the last time they left their home. The car is packed and you’re ready to go. While driving along the road, with your favourite radio tunes, you really begin to feel you’re on holidays.

Safeguarding Your Home

Safeguarding Your Home Without Expensive Alarm Systems Home security systems have become extremely sophisticated these days. Companies that manufacture home security devices are also making use of the increasing level of home burglaries to capitalize on the fear of home owners. However, the fact is that you always need to

Why Secure Your Doors?

Why Secure Your Doors? A Burglar can be in your home in 10 seconds. More than 27% of burglaries are through the Front Door and 25% through a Rear Door. If you are at home will your family be safe? At Stop the Burglar we have solutions that reinforces all the

Secure Your Home

Tips to Secure your Home   Ensure that doors are locked, windows are shut and securely locked. If your windows are externally beaded then you will need to increase security. Have the back door locked when answering the front door, a secure ring chain lock attached to your door handle will increase the security.

Summer Time Security Tips

Tips to avoid being burgled this summer Going away on holidays this summer avoid coming home to find your home has being burgled Its very tempting to leave your windows open in this beautiful weather, but when you are leaving the house close all windows, better a warm house than

“Da Pinchi Code”

What does this mean?   It has come to our attend lately through Social Media & Crime Prevention meetings that criminals are using a code to indicate to fellow criminals which houses in an estate were worth robbing and which were too much trouble. I mentioned this to a friend

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