Secure Door Finishes

Certified Security Door Finishes

The finish of security and fire resistant door can be of natural wood, natural veneer, various plywood, laminate, etc. However, most often we use medium density fibreboard (MDF) board laminated by PVC film or a painted Umidax-HLS board.

Finishing of the apartment doors

MDF is vacuumed by water resistant film, which does not discolour and ensures durability of the product. This door finish is intended for interior doors (apartments in apartment buildings, etc.), has hard surface and therefore, is especially resistant to mechanical impact. Rounded door finish edges provide even more strength and aesthetic appearance, which is easy to take care of. We have a wide assortment of PVC film imitating various wood.

PVC films

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Finishing of the entrance doors

Outside entrance doors must meet a lot of high requirements. These doors have to be resistant to wind, have good thermal transmittance, high sound insulation, and be waterproof and airproof. Moreover, we all want the door to be aesthetically pleasing not only while they are new, but also after many years. In order to meet all these requirements, knowledge and high-quality materials are necessary, therefore we have selected certified EDM(Extreme Durable MDF). This material is designed especially for outside conditions to withstand the temperature changes and the water (not only humidity). The producer gives this board 50 year warranty. L year warranty is given for the paint.

For the inner panel UMIDAX-HLS board may be chosen.

Door decoration EDM and Umidax HLS colours


WRB finishing colours

Another choice is WRB – Water Resistant Board made of natural hardwood veneer (okume). It’s wood texture gives the luxury look to your door and does not limit your design ideas.



Colours of the metal door leaf and door casing


Door milling possibilities

Milling photo Milling shape Milling




Secure Door Designs