Solid Wood Doors

Solid Wood DoorsSolid Wood Door

Our SAS Irish made Solid Wood Doors our Range offers Safe & Secure Solid Timber Doors

Bespoke Solid Wood Secure Doors for both Residential and commercial use

The Accoya process used in the making of our doors allows you to have any size, design, colour and locking system. The locking system can depend on the level of security you require.

Our SAS Timber Doors are exterior doors and the Accoya process alters the cell structure of wood, improving its technical properties and making it much stronger and more durable while reducing the Solid Wood Doormaintenance required.

Stop the Burglar




Front Doors

Our Wooden Doors give you the flexibility to be creative with the appearance of your home, any size, design and colour. But most of all with the security of your home. Our experienced team will help with the design and colour, but far more importantly they will help with the locking system. We don’t have a standard lock that goes into every door our locks are depending on the level of security required by you personally.

French Doors

Our Wooden customised range of French Doors, offers any design, colour and glass thickness. The security of the doors can be customised to the level required and our experienced team will help with this decision

Patio Doors

All our SAS Wooden Doors are customised as per your requirements and the level of security required.

Bifold Doors

The Accoya process we use for our doors, is the highest grade that ensures our bi-folding doors maintain their design and precision. As all our doors are built from scratch all frames and doors are suitable for any size and design.






All the locks used on our doors comply to Security Classification (UNI EN 1303:05)


Our range of SAS Timber Doors, include Front Doors, Back Doors, Side Doors, French Doors, Patio Doors & Bi-fold Doors.

Stop the Burglar