GDPR Physical Security

GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation (“the GDPR”) changes the way we process and protect the data with collect.

GDPR Physical Security for business, those that have employees working from home & those that run their business from home now needs to be focused on.

GDPR Physical Security measures assist organisations with the protection of IT systems such as facilities, equipment, personnel, resources, and other properties

Computers – servers, desktops, laptops or tablet

Photocopiers, multi-function devices and printers

Mobile telephones

Digital Cameras

Storage media – for example, portable hard drives, backup tapes or cartridges, USB sticks, CDs, DVDs

The level of protection that should be applied to IT equipment is based on the business impact level that may result from data being compromised, loss of integrity, or unavailability of the electronic information held on the device, this would also include the loss or unavailability of the device due to a failure.

Examples of practical physical security measures are:-
Our bespoke GDPR Physical Security Service includes:-
  1. Security Doors
  2. Upgrade existing Doors with security locks
  3. Security Windows
  4. Upgrade existing Windows with security locks
  5. Privacy Window & Door Tinting
  6. Window & Door Security Grilles
  7. Safes

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