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Christmas Home Security Tips

Christmas is a special time when families and friends come together and celebrate. It is also the time of year when families and friends are most generous and practice the tradition of giving gifts. It should be a joyous and happy time for us all. Unfortunately for us, home burglars

Window Restrictors

Window Restrictors As of the 1st July 2017 there is a new minimum standard in rental accommodation regarding window openings Window restrictors are now required on all window openings, where windows are 1400 mm above ground level in all rental accommodation.  It is important when fitting window restrictors, that they

Fire Safety At Home

Fire Prevention and Fire Detection Be Fire Safe Have a Fire Escape Plan and practice with the family too. Help anyone leave that has mobility issues, get out and stay out. But having a fire escape plan is off no value if you and your family members “DON’T WAKE UP”

Peter Murray FAC’s

These are questions which we have being asked in the past when fronting Home Security Presentations Q – Do we ring 999 or our local Garda Station A – Always ring 999   Q – What do we do when going on holidays? A – Ensure your alarm is on.

Peter Murray Summer Time Tips

Summer Time Tips How to avoid a burglary when you are away on holidays whether it be overnight, annual holidays or just gone shopping. Make your home look natural: One of the best deterrents is time, slow down the burglar and they will go else where Have your home look

Peter Murray Profile

About Peter Murray Peter Murray is the Owner and Managing Director of Certified Security Risk Assessor through the Security Institute of Ireland and QQI, Specializing in home security. Crime Prevention. Director of the Security Institute of Ireland.  

Window And Door Crime Prevention

The Garda Commissioner has designated this week the 23rd September – 30th September 2014 as Community Safety Week primarily focusing on reducing and preventing burglary. They have issued Winter Warning on Burglaries Burglaries typically rise by approximately 25% in winter Majority of burglaries during winter take place between 5pm and

Deadbolts Versus Cylinders

Deadbolts versus Cylinders There has being a lot of information on social media recently about replacing the cylinders on your entry doors that this will stop a burglar entering your home. But the correct information about this is that it is untrue, it is only part of the solution not

Stop The Burglar

Who is Stop The Burglar? We are a Certified Home Security Risk Assessment Company But what does this mean? It means that we are qualified to give home security advice unlike some individuals or companies promoting home security How are we qualified? Our Managing Director Peter Murray has completed Security

Safety Survey

According to new research from Liberty Insurance, one in six people didn’t lock their front door the last time they left their home. The car is packed and you’re ready to go. While driving along the road, with your favourite radio tunes, you really begin to feel you’re on holidays.

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