Internal Security Doors

Interior Security Doors

Do you think a safe room is too costly, only for the rich and famous, then think again our new range of Interior Security Doors means you can now turn any room or every room in your home into a Safe Room.

A safe room is an ultra-secure location within your home for the family to retreat to during a home burglary or invasion. A safe room is there to delay an intruder so you can raise an alarm to the Gardaí or your security provider. Any homeowner can create a safe room with relatively little effort and expense. The most common reason the average person would want a safe room is fear of assault from a home burglary or abusive spouse. The most common reason for corporate executives to construct a safe room is fear of kidnapping for ransom or fear of home invasion robbery.

What if no matter what room you or your family are in, they could just close and lock the door and know they are safe till help arrives.

Our range of security doors can also be used as your main Apartment Door.

Options that are also available with our Interior Security Door range, Door Frames, Architrave & Skirting. Door hardware available to complement all designs.

Home Security

Our Residential Interior Security Doors Range

The security locking mechanism is the Mottura FORZA 7 Deadbolt:-

  • 3 Point lock reversable latch bolt
  • Deadbolt & bars operated through a 8 mm handle
  • Deadbolt with automatic anti lift block & high security pin
  • Cylinder operates only when lock is locked
  • Flat swing deadbolt with cut proof pin
  • Bar travel 28 mm
  • Bolt travel 24 mm
  • Defender with through screws
  • Slotted face and striker plates in stainless steel finish
  • Hidden steel bars
  • Bars travel a full 28 mm with points completely into the frame for maximum strength
  • Euro Profile Cylinder with friction movement EN1303-06


Reasons why only having one standard safe room doesn’t work

Bespoke Safe-rooms are undoubtedly the safest and most expensive security measure to be in when under attack. However there are 3 real-life facts about them when you only have one:-

  1. It only take one family member not to reach the safe-room and as a husband, wife, partner, mother or father you will open the door once intruders apply emotional pressure.
  2. Modern detection security equipment such as sensor alarms, cameras and monitoring stations use technology that is decades old and easily turned of by the modern criminal. Any profession security consultant will advise physical security measures first and detection security second.
  3. Bespoke safe-rooms cost huge amounts of money, putting them out of reach of the average person.