Sash Window Lock

Sash Jammer

The Sash Jammer/ Sash Guard window lock is a simple and easy to fit additional security Sash device for your upvc windows or doors. The Sash Jammer / Guard simply screws into the frame of your door or window and the arm pushes over the opening part of your window or door preventing it from being forced open.

Home Security


If fitting to a Door or Side Opening Window it is recommended that 2 Sash Guards are fit opposite to the Hinge Side of the Door / Window, approximately 150mm from the top and bottom of the opening.

If fitting to a small top hinged window then one Sash Guard should suffice close to the centre of the window sash adjacent to the handle. However, if the window width exceeds 450mm, then it is recommended that two Sash Guards are fit approximately 100 – 150mm from the side of the opening on the bottom of the sash.

White or brown