Security Consultant

 Security Consultant

Peter Murray M.Sec.II.,Dip.Sec.ARM, R.S.C. is a member and Director of The Security Institute of Ireland. Peter is also a Registered SeSecurity Consultantcurity Consultant with The Security Institute of Ireland

He is an expert in the field of Crime and loss prevention and premises risk liability. He consults with home owners, business owners and managers, on how to develop a security plan to reduce the risk of crime.

Security Consultancy Services

Peter Murray conducts security surveys of commercial and residential properties. He provides advice on how to reduce the risk of crime. He has performed thousands of security surveys & security risk assessments.

Environments Serviced

Apartments, Hotels, Grocery Stores, Department Stores, Convenience Stores, Off Licences, Nightclubs, Bars, Petrol Stations, Fast-Food Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants,Multi-Storey Car Parks, Public Parks.

He is a frequent speaker on the subjects of crime prevention in the home, retail security, and commercial premises liability and has consulted with or appeared on many radio shows including the Marian Finucane & Matt Cooper Show’s.

He also provides free security advise evenings to Residential GroupsHome Security

Registered Security Consultant with The Security Institute