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The “Secure-Ring” Security Door Chain

Secure Ring is a totally new concept in security door chain and is helping in the fight Security Door Chainagainst distraction burglary. Secure Ring was designed with the customer in mind and as a result has a number of unique features.

The Secure Ring customer is typically elderly, vulnerable or simply afraid to open their door. Secure Ring’s unique features have been designed in direct response to the market.

Home Security

Secure Ring is helping to reduce the fear of distraction burglary, giving customers more confidence and added security when they are at their most vulnerable.

The unique red coloured ring is suitable for those with visual impairments or dexterity issues. The magnetic housing ensures that Secure Ring can be easily stowed when not engaged. And the unique restrictor bar helps to restrict access when opening the Security Door Chaindoor. The Secure Ring device should only be engaged when opening the door. It should not be engaged when the customer retires to bed

In 2010 there were over 24,500 cases of burglary in Ireland, 334 of these were aggravated burglaries.

While it may be easy to bolt on or screw-on locks and bolts to wooden doors for most PVC door manufacturers if you tamper with the actual door frame it voids your warranty.

If you have a uPVC door that needs a simple but extremely effective security chain then the Secure Ring is ideal as it doesn’t void your warranty and provides extra strength where you need it.


The Secure Ring chain is a simple steel chain and loop, that attaches to your door handle Security Door Chainfor security. It can withstand the brute force of a battering ram should your house be raided. On the simpler side, it’s effective enough to use as a simple child safety lock to prevent your children from opening the doors without you knowing.

The Secure Ring is the first door chain of its kind to be officially approved by the UK police forces and is the world’s only “Secured By Design” restrictor, meaning that the product was approved as having a sufficient design to secure and protect properties from crime. Available in White it can install seamlessly onto your front or back doors to give peace of mind.

  • The worlds’ only “Secured by Design” door restrictor approved by UK police
  • Easy to use and install
  • Made from solid steel for maximum strength, battering ram tested
  • Powder coated for a long lasting finish
  • Suits all door types
  • Full manufacturers warranty