Sliding Patio Door Lock

Sliding Patio Door Lock

The most common security weakness with a sliding patio door is to be found in their fitting along the running rails. In some instances it is possible to lift the door completely out of the running rail.Sliding Patio Door Lock

We now offer two different types of lock for additional security for your sliding patio door.

Sliding Door Loop Lock

This patio sliding door loop lock is constructed of a hardened locking bar and a die cast mounting plate and keeper. The locking bar and plates of this lock come finished in a nickel plating and all required fasteners are included. This locking device features a 1-1/8″. reach which is designed to secure the door to the jamb for increased safety of the home.

The sliding door loop lock is easy to install and with no extra keys there is easy regress in case of a fire.

Ivess Lock Sliding Patio Door Anti-Lifting Device

  • Home SecurityLocks doors in closed and open position
  • As featured on ‘Dragons’ Den
  • Prevents patio sliding doors from being lifted off from the outside  Ivess Lock Patio Door Anti-Lifting Device
  • No keys required
  • lOO% Irish manufactured
Advantages of the Ivess Lock over other locks
  • It is simple to operate.
  • Has an easy to handle knob
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Spring is not too strong to pull

The placement and angle of the locking prevents the door from being lifted up and also prevents the door being pulled out. Because as the door is being lifted it has to slide up and in along the pin of the lock. So the more upward pressure that is exerted on the door the tighter it gets in the locking engagement.

Patio Door LockThe Ivess Lock is easy to install, there are two no fixing screws provided in the pack and the backing in the pack doubles up as an installation template. By drilling another receiver hole in the bottom rail, the door can be locked in the partially opened position to allow for ventilation or control the movements of a pet or child.

There are no keys – Who needs two sets of keys for one door? As most extra locks that are fitted to sliding doors are fitted on the inside and can only be opened from the outside, so the spring loading device on the Ivess Lock is enough to secure the door which is the most vulnerable point of a residence.