Home Security Snag List

Check the Security of your home before you purchase

Find out what it will take to make your home totally secure before you buy and move in

We provide a security snagging service, our inspections are only completed by our Registered Home Security Consultant

We understand the costs involved with buying your own home so our inspections will let you know, if the home your buying is a potential target for the would be burglar.

The inspection usually lasts approx. 1 – 2 hours depending on the size of the property you are welcome to attend the inspection but its not a requirement.

We carry out a comprehensive examination of your property identifying all security issues with the:-

  • Doors – External and Internal
  • Windows
  • Outside
  • Other
  • Your own concerns

After the inspection you will receive a full written report identifying all security issues.

All findings from the inspection will be listed in an easy to understand report including digital photos. Urgent issues will be highlighted.

Security Snag Lists can be carried out on newly built properties and existing properties.

Contact us on 01 8249605 to arrange your inspection