At Stop the Burglar we are Qualified & Experienced Security Consultants who will help you protect your most valuable assets, your family & home. We will help you prepare for the unimaginable and create a safer environment to live. All our reviews are completed through a world wide approach of CPTED “Crime Prevention Through Environment Design” in combination with SCP “Situational Crime Prevention” 

CPTED (Pronounced SEP-TED)

“Crime Prevention Through Environment Design” is the design manipulation and management of the built environment to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

In simple terms, for most crimes to take place you need three things

  1. Victim
  2. Offender
  3. Opportunity

It follows that if we can remove just one of the ingredients a crime cannot take place. We are all potential victims and our property is the target we cannot remove the offender but what we can do is reduce the risk of becoming a victim by reducing the opportunity that you home will be a target.

What we do:-

Security Reviews:-

We provide Home Security Reviews for existing homes, by using CPTED & SCP assessments of existing properties to mitigate the opportunity for crime.


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Pat Kenny Show – Oct 2020

Peter Murray M.Sec.I.I our Home Security Consultant is certified by the Security Institute of Ireland. Click here for his profile

Before you accept home security advise or allow someone into your home to give you security advise ensure they are certified or regulated.

What is the real cost of home burglary???

Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves, so with a few simple measures, home owners can help deter thieves from targeting their home

There are numerous sources of conflicting advise and information on crime prevention available to home owners and sometimes these are provided by organisation or companies with limited knowledge and experience of crime prevention.

Research has shown that those who apply the correct crime prevention techniques suitable for their home and environment stand considerably less chance of being burgled. Buying you security hardware (apart from intruder alarms, which require regular maintenance) is a one-off cost that will pay dividends for as long as you live in that home.

Doors and windowsA burglar can only get into your home through the following ways:-

  • Your Doors
  • Your Windows
  • You let them in

We work with our clients to prevent and deter home burglaries with our security systems.

To see how we can give you peace of mind to protect your home, give us a call now on 01 824 9605 or email us at peter@stoptheburglar.ie