Apartments Likely Targets of Burglary

There is many reasons why apartments are targeted for burglaries. Here are a few:

Problem: In an apartment setting the residents live among other people. One tenant in a complex may have a propensity for theft and may target units within. When he knows you aren’t home, that’s when he breaks in.

Solution: Secure your Windows and Doors stop them from entering in the first place. Keep your TV or radio on to give the impression you are at home.

Problem: When you go on holiday or travel for business your post piles up and your lights are off all day. Your apartment is seen by others to be empty.

Solution: Give your apartment the lived in look. Use timers for your lights, keep your TV or radio on, keep blinds pulled and get a reliable friend to collect your post.

Problem: Apartment residents on the upper levels do not always lock windows. They forget about fire escapes and ladders may give access to their apartment.

Solution: Install window locks and use them.