Burglary From Another Perspective

Stop BurglariesNotes from a burglar’s diary:

  • I don’t see any signs saying “Home Security System” on your home. Your front door is mostly glass and you sometimes leave the doors unlocked.
  • I see you go to bed around 10 – 10.30pm. Most of your lights are off by nine. You rarely pull the blinds down. You often leave a light on downstairs either in the front hall or over the kitchen hob. But when you leave the house for a night out all your lights are on until late at night.
  • You have a dog and let it out around 7.30am. Sometimes your children walk the dog at 8 and I’m pretty sure you leave the door open for them when they come back.
  • You have a cleaner that comes every Wednesday and they have their own key.
  • When your children get home from school I sometimes see them flip up the mat at the front door if they forgot their key.
  • Every time you leave your apartment car park I see you half way down the road before the car park gate closes.
  • I looked up your family’s phone number in the phone book and it’s listed. I’ve called a number of times from a payphone and pretty much know when someone is home.
  • It’s easy to follow you on Facebook, all your kids and spouse is connected. I pretty much know who your extended family is and who your friends are and a bit about your plans. You can’t stop posting your whereabouts.
  • I’m not telling you all this to creep you out, although I know it’s creepy. But I can’t help pointing these things out. It’s my nature, I’m observant and I’m a burglar.