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Natural Home Security Tips

When going on Holidays (A holiday includes a single overnight /weekend or anytime your home is unoccupied it doesn’t always have to be a week or two) Burglars need to make a snap decision where to burglar, they look for indicators, i.e. car/doors/windows/window-blinds-curtains/lights/alarm/cctv/shrubbery and escape route. Minimise the above relating

Home Security

Home Security Burglary is a growing concern for everyone across Ireland. It is affecting cities and rural areas. There is no single widespread answer that can get rid of burglary and crime. Every burglary has an financial and emotional cost. Home Security is now more of a concern. What Makes

Window Restrictors

Window Restrictors As of the 1st July 2017 there is a new minimum standard in rental accommodation regarding window openings Window restrictors are now required on all window openings, where windows are 1400 mm above ground level in all rental accommodation.  It is important when fitting window restrictors, that they

Fire Safety At Home

Fire Prevention and Fire Detection Be Fire Safe Have a Fire Escape Plan and practice with the family too. Help anyone leave that has mobility issues, get out and stay out. But having a fire escape plan is off no value if you and your family members “DON’T WAKE UP”

Holiday Security Tips

Holiday Security Tips if travelling out of the country by Plane or Boat If going by taxi to the airport or dock, there is no need to tell the taxi driver the length of your stay away from home and in particular if you are collected from your own hall

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