Creating A Safe Haven In Your Home

Creating A Safe Haven In Your Home

Panic rooms have been around since the medieval ages. They were used by lords to hide in case of a siege.Security Apartment Door

The concept of a safe room or a panic room has only recently caught fancy for protection by home owners

The panic room is now more commonplace and many people are opting to have one created in their homes.

What goes in a Panic Room?

A panic room can only be a safe place to hide if you have put thought and planning into it and stocked is well. Stocking this room with canned food, a can opener, plastic eating utensils and water (that you check and replace regularly) is a must.

Have a phone charger, install an extra phone connection or have a ‘pay as you go’ type phone with credit and check the credit in it regularly.

If you or a family member has a medical condition which requires prescription medication be sure to keep a small supply of necessary medications in your panic room. Also, flashlights, batteries, blankets and pillows. Also pet food if you plan to hide with the family pet.

 Advantages of a Panic Room

A panic room is a great option when you know that your home security methods have failed you. This if often the case when the attacker is a known person or has easy access to your home. In other cases some caution and door reinforcement devices work well.

When you have a well-planned panic room you can hide and keep yourself and your family safe from an attacker.