Design Out Crime

We provide a professional security assessment service to help protect your already built home or home office-business. We provide this by completing a Vulnerability Assessment Report to help give you peace of mind while at home or working from home.

If you are planning a new build of a home, new office or new extension we can give you the expert advise at planning stage so as to eliminate vulnerable areas and reduce the costs of your security system.

Our Design Out Crime Vulnerability Assessment covers:-

  • Prior to our meeting we will have discussed the perceived level of threat/crime within your area
  • During our meeting we will discuss your specific needs and worries
  • During our meeting I will carry out a photographic inspection of your property to create a detailed report
  • While at your home we together will look for any weakness in your existing security measures
  • After the meeting I will provide you with a photographic written report with recommendations
  • Once you have received the report I will be available to discuss any matters relating to same
  • Any and all information gathered is strictly confidential and complies with current GDPR regulations.
  • We have both public liability and professional indemnity insurances.

Please click here for my qualifications to provide this “Design Out Crime Vulnerability Assessment”

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