Fire Safety At Home

Fire Prevention and Fire Detection

Be Fire Safe

Have a Fire Escape Plan and practice with the family too. Help anyone leave that has Home Securitymobility issues, get out and stay out.

But having a fire escape plan is off no value if you and your family members “DON’T WAKE UP”

Check you smoke alarms

If you don’t have smoke alarms please have them fitted without delay. (You have 90 seconds to get out of your home)

Have a smoke alarm fitted in the room of Male Family Members as it takes males longer to wake up than females.

For younger family members, play a game with them cover their eyes simulating smoke and give them 90 seconds to get from their bedroom to outside the home. If they don’t succeed check why and remedy same.

Fire Safety and Home SecurityDoor Security

When upgrading the security of your home always consider key less exit, in the event of a fire the last thing you need to hear is “Where is the Key”

Also remember never smoke in bed, be careful with naked flames like candles, unplug everything

Check for fire dangers in your home, room by room and correct them.


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