Home Security

Home Security

Burglary is a growing concern for everyone across Ireland. It is affecting cities and rural areas. There is no single widespread answer that can get rid of burglary and crime. Every burglary has an financial and emotional cost. Home Security is now more of a concern.

What Makes Your Home More Vulnerable To A Burglar?

There are many factors why your home may be burglarized, but there are some common features that make specific homes more vulnerable. Most importantly, burglars do not want to be seen while stealing your valuables from your home and they don’t want to get caught afterwards. Here is a list of the common factors that have attracted burglars to homes:-

  • Exterior Beaded Window Panes
  • A Single Visible Door Lock on your doors
  • Weak security devices, including open or unlocked windows and doors
  • Poor security habits
  • Empty refuse bins still at the end of your drive
  • Overgrown landscaping which provides concealed access to entry points
  • Curtains and blinds pulled all day and night
  • Porch light on all day and night
  • Local knowledge of your possessions
Can a Burglary Really Happen To Your Home?

GardaĆ­ statistics show that the most common entry point for a burglar is through the Front Door or Rear Door. Then a rear Window.

How Much Will A Burglary Cost You?

A single burglary event costs depend on the force used by the burglar to break into your home, the amount of property stolen and the insurance excess of your policy.

The Stress and Trauma a Burglary May Have on You and your Family

You and your family may also suffer emotional trauma as burglary victims. The extent of the trauma depends on your personality and coping abilities. There are numerous reactions and psychological affects that a burglary can have as an adult or child who is victimized by a burglary.

Some of the emotional side effects suffered by burglary victims include:-

  • Feeling guilty
  • Loss of faith in society
  • Anxiety, panic attacks and sleeplessness
  • Living in constant fear of a repeat burglary

Most adults are able to cope with burglaries due to their maturity but children may have a lifelong affect. Their innocence, trust and feeling of security may be lost forever.


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