Personal Safety Security For The Older Person


Believe it or not – the older persons are less often the victims of crime than many of their younger neighbours. Older persons are, however, subjected to burglary and thefts as frequently as the rest of the population. A lifetime of experience coupled with the ageing process can make older persons feel vulnerable and more fearful of becoming a victim of crime.

Good neighbours are a vital component in crime prevention and reducing the fear of crime. You can be a good neighbour by keeping a friendly lookout for your elderly neighbours.

Home Security

  • Fit a door viewer and a door chain/limiter. These will allow you to safely check callers and retain control over security.
  • Front and rear doors and windows should be kept locked day and night
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers that you can refer to quickly, if required, e.g. family, neighbours, Gardai, medical or fire services
  • If you have a mobile phone, ensure that you have emergency contact numbers recorded under the ICE (In Case of Emergency ) system.
  • Number your house clearly so that emergency services can find you quickly if necessary


Distraction Burglary

A distraction burglary is where a bogus caller to your home gains entry on a pretext / lie or creates a diversion so that an accomplice can sneak in separately.

Unfortunately, older persons are frequently targeted with this crime. Bogus callers will say anything to get into your home. Some will keep you talking at the front door while their accomplice sneaks in the back door. In all cases you need to be wary of strangers calling to your home. Take precautions:-

  • Do not open the door to anyone before you’ve checked who it is and what they want. Use your Door viewer and chain.
  • Check identification, where appropriate
  • Do not leave strangers unattended at your doorstep
  • Ensure your back door is locked when you answer a call at the front door