Peter Murray FAC’s

These are questions which we have being asked in the past when fronting Home Security Presentations

Q – Do we ring 999 or our local Garda Station

A – Always ring 999


Q – What do we do when going on holidays?

A – Ensure your alarm is on. Ensure your letter box is not restricted so all post falls inside not sticking out on the outside.

Do not leave your Porch Light or any other light on continuously

Do not leave your blinds or curtains fully pulled

If possible have a key minder who will call and pull blinds, remove post, turn lights on and off


Q – What do we do when going out but coming back later that day?

A – Ensure your alarm is on. Leave the windows clear so the burglar can look in to see you are hiding nothing and your internal doors are open. Give him no wonders

When going to bed I would recommend to lock your internal doors with the keys in them, so you can get out in case of a fire.


Q – Are Burglaries Random?

A – No, most burglaries are Planned Random. The random part is the burglar arrives on your road. The planned part is what they see when they look at your home to make it easy to get in.


Q – Where are the weak points that burglars attack?

A – There is 3 ways into your home, The Door, The Window or You Let Them In.

Every external door needs a Second Visible Lock. This new lock  is to be a Dead Bolt with a double throw movement not a latch

Even though your door may have multiple locking points it will only have one keyed lock. Once the burglar breaks this all the locking points are comprised.

If upgrading your cylinder in your door, consider changing it to a Frictioned or Thumb Turn Cylinder.

Every window sash needs shoot bolts to reinforce the corners of the opening sashes.

All externally beaded windows need to have the glass pane locked in to prevent the glass from being taken out

If adding a window restrictor to your window ensure it is Keyless.

Never add an additional internal lock that you need a key to open it as it may create a delay in you getting out in the event of a Fire.


Q – Where do we keep our car keys?

A – Never upstairs, Never have anything up stairs that you may bring the burglar up to get. Our of sight downstairs to eliminate fishing.


Q – What is the best type of safe to buy?

A – An S2 Certified Safe. Keyless and never put documents (i.e. House Deeds/Wills etc) into your safe. As the burglars now take the safe away with them and this will make the trauma of a burglary even worst.


Q – What can we do as a Community?

A – If you meet a stranger on your road, say Hello and let them know they have been spotted. Take ownership back.

Most shops now say Hello to you when you come in, they are saying to you that you have been noticed and if anything goes wrong you will be caught.


Q – Bin Collection Day

A – When bins are emptied, take them in away from the end of your drive. An empty bin left out gives the burglar a wonder.


Q – Leaving your Young Adults at home, when you go out

A – Inform the Young Adults when the door is knocked on or the phone rings to shout that mammy or daddy is busy and can you call back in 10 minutes


Q – No Post or Junk Mail Label

A – This is not a deterrent as some burglars make the assumption your home is left unoccupied more than others and you do not want to come home to post in your hall.


Q – Are Dogs a deterrent?

A – This was answered for me at a Home Security Meeting, a lady answered her Dog had being poisoned. So if its a family pet don’t portray them as a deterrent.


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