Peter Murray Summer Time Tips

Summer Time Tips

How to avoid a burglary when you are away on holidays whether it be overnight, annual holidays or just gone shopping.

Make your home look natural:

  • One of the best deterrents is time, slow down the burglar and they will go else where
  • Have your home look more secure than others on the road, by adding a visible second lock to all your external doors, irrespective of whether your door has a 3,5 or 8 point lock
  • Ensure your alarm is set, and have it on your porch door and shed. This starts your defensible space.
  • Leave all internal doors open, this eliminates the wonder effect.
  • Leave blind curtains open, this eliminates the wonder effect
  • If you have a key minder have them check your house at irregular times. If your alarm goes off please advise the key/house minder not to enter your home. Their role is to confirm a burglary has taken place and ring the GARDAÍ. You do not want them to be injured by the burglar.
  • Don’t forget to cancel post, milk etc
  • Do not leave your porch or outside lights on 24 hours
  • If you make use of a safe leave it empty unlocked but not open. Make use of an of site vault company.
  • Check bikes, tools, ladders etc. are locked safely into the shed. Also check that the wheelie bin in stored away in a safe place.
  • Do not unwittingly advertise your travel arrangements to others using social media and ensure to disengage location services for social media apps