Safeguarding Your Home

Safeguarding Your Home Without Expensive Alarm Systems

Home security systems have become extremely sophisticated these days. Companies that manufacture home security devices are also making use of the increasing level of home burglaries to capitalize on the fear of home owners.

However, the fact is that you always need to purchase sophisticated equipment to secure your home.

These are various steps that you can take to ensure that your home is safe without the use of these modern day electronic devices.Door Security

Inexpensive Home Security Tips

Review your home – The first thing to do is to look at your home from the perspective of someone who is trying to break in. Check for the various loopholes that exist. A tree that is growing too close to a window on the first floor, a ground floor window that does not shut properly or tall hedges that prevent you from seeing who is approaching the door are quick and easy fixes.

Reliable locks – If you have moved into a new home, make sure to change all the locks. Deadbolts are better than regular locks. Door reinforcement is a must for the main door and any other door that opens out into the front or back yard.

Sliding doors – All sliding doors and large sliding windows should use a sliding door lock. These can help stop the sliding doors being lifted from their tracks.

Windows – If you have a window close to the main door, ensure that it is not glass. Breaking the glass of a window or forcing and entry by opening the main door from the inside is common. Choose to install tamper proof glass or polycarbonate.

Doors – There are many door security devices that can be purchased from the market. These are simple devices that prevent kick-ins. A simple change that ensures that the main doors open towards the outside and not inside can prevent kick-ins effectively.

Lastly make sure to invest in a door reinforcement product which can help prevent burglary.