Door Reinforcement Lock

Door Security Bar

Protect your home or business from unwanted intruders
Experts say that the timber used in apartment and home entrance doors/frames will not keep the burglar out

In Ireland our front doors open inwards, making it very easy for the burglar to enter your home by forcing the door and frame or kicking it in. Our Door Security Bar will stop a burglar kicking in your door to enter and rob your home. These are a cost effective solution to secure your doors without changing your existing door. The Door Security Bar can take the pressure of the frame which is the weakest part of any door.

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Home Security

Upgrading the security on your external doors is one of the most important ways to protect your family and home, as recommended on the crime prevention page.

Our range of Secure Locking Bars can be retro-fitted to your existing doors, they are the ideal solution to reinforce and defend your existing doors. This range of bar locks are designed for use with the europrofile cylinder. The cylinders for these locks can be master keyed with other cylinders of the same type. (One key to open all your doors)

Available in both horizontal & vertical.

Suitable for Front Doors, Back Doors, Patio Doors, Apartment Doors & Bedroom Doors.

Now available in an Electronic Version with a built-in warning system. Detects attempted break-ins in real time and sends a warning by phone or text message to the stored contacts.

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Alarms are a good deterrent but they do not stop the burglar from physically entering your home. Your front and back doors are the most vulnerable part of your home- over 60% of burglars enter through a door.

We can supply and fit Door Security Bar in under two hours. These are a cost effective solution, you won’t lose time out of work waiting for an installer as these can be fitted in the evening or on a Saturday.