French Door Lock Patlock

French Door Lock

Conservatory Double Door Lock

Secure your French Doors and Conservatory Double Doors with Patlock

Patlock French Door Lock is a home security product and the Ultimate Visual DeterrentFrench Door Lock for
would be intruders, while providing home owners with instant peace of mind.

  • Instant French Door Security Lock Easily Fitted And Released In Seconds
  • No Keys Or Code Numbers Required
  • Adds Extra Security And Provides Peace Of Mind
  • Supplied With A Pair Of Tamper Resist Door Spindles
  • Locks Patio Doors Securely, Stops Intruders Fast
  • Patent Registered Beautiful Design, Developed In The UK

Home Security

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Fitting a Patlock removes the risk of lock snapping as French doors are held secure even without any locks in the doors.