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Windows are one of the weakest entry points in the home so it’s good practice to invest in some security for your windows especially on the ground level.

If your windows are externally beaded, an intruder need only remove the window frame panels to remove the glass and gain entry quick, smooth and safe for the burglar! Suitable for wooden or upvc windows.

Window Lock available White or Brown

With the NoGo Window Lock, the discreet lock is fixed to the inside of the upvc, aluminium or wooden double glazed window frame, securing it and making it impossible for the glass panel to be removed. The NoGo Window Locks comes in white or brown, installed in a few minutes it’s a really simple and cost-effective solution to secure your windows.

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Home Security

Window Security


  • Installed and secured in minutes
  • Full kit provided to install the NoGo locks yourself
  • Simple way to secure your windows
  • Discreet locking systemwindow lock

If the No-Go Window Lock does not suit your needs, feel free to view our range of window locks.

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