Security Window Film

Security Window FilmSecurity Window Film

While the primary function of security window film is to hold glass intact in the event of it being broken, our security film also provides an effective barrier in the case of vandalism or burglaries.

Our Security Window Film is a clear, scratch-resistant window film which prevents broken glass from becoming airborne, reducing risks of injury to occupants and passers-by, as well as damage to property and contents. it is effective against spontaneous shattering of large overhead glass panels. Tested & certified to British Standards, BS6206 Class A, B & C. We also supply products within the European ‘safety glazing’ test standard EN12600 levels bomb-blast performance.

Our security window film is a cost effective way to upgrade the security of your existingSecurity Window Film windows for both commercial and residential

  • Reduces the risk of injury from flying glass in the event of breakage
  • Especially effective in the prevention of spontaneous shattering of glass panels
  • Deterrent against burglaries
  • Totally transparent
  • Various specifications available

Security Window Film