Sash Window Lock

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New & Innovative range of locks for Windows designed to be used on upvc, composite & Wooden Window Locks. Convert your existing window lock into a high security window lock with jammer.

The product has been developed for ease of use and convenience whilst offering security & reassurance.

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Sash Jammer Window Lock

The Sash Jammer/ Sash Guard window lock is a simple and easy to fit additional security Sash Jammer Window Lock device for your upvc windows or doors. The Sash Jammer / Guard simply screws into the frame of your door or window and the arm pushes over the opening part of your window or door preventing it from being forced open.

Home Security


If fitting to a Door or Side Opening Window it is recommended that 2 Sash Guards are fit opposite to the Hinge Side of the Door / Window, approximately 150mm from the top and bottom of the opening.

If fitting to a small top hinged window then one Sash Guard should suffice close to the centre of the window sash adjacent to the handle. However, if the window width exceeds 450mm, then it is recommended that two Sash Guards are fit approximately 100 – 150mm from the side of the opening on the bottom of the sash.

White or brown

Sashstop Window Handle Jammer

Introducing the SASHSTOP Window Handle Jammer…

Here we have the new and innovative Window Jamming device from SASHSTOP. The product has been developed for ease, and convenience whilst offering security and reassurance to the end-user. It is often referred to as the underarm, or under-handle

The Window Jammer is a very easy to use and install product, as it is based on the same idea of an internal sash jammer.


Sash Jammer Window Lock

This New Sash Jammer Window Lock with sound alert. It combines a sash jammer with a contact alarm to suit most door and window frames. The robust metal-bodied sash stopper prevents the doors and windows from opening in the first place, and if they are forced open the 110db alarm will sound alerting the user and deterring the intruder.

Supplied with 2 fixing screws, spacers and batteries. This lock is completely wire-free and easy to install within minutes. A practical and affordable deterrent, not only does this product protect your home from burglary but it can also aid in child safety, preventing Sash Jammer Window Locksdoors and windows from being opened by young children without permission.

Available White only


  • Supplied complete with fixing screws, spacers, screw covers and 3 x A76 batteries
  • Suitable for steel doors, PVC doors and windows, wooden and aluminium frames opening inwards
  • Prevents doors and windows from opening if someone tries to break in
  • Alarm sounds when an attempt is made to force the door/window open
  • Easy to install