Why does A Burglar Decide to Break Into Your Home?

broken doorHow or why does a burglar decide on the location of his next home to break into? Will it be your house or your neighbours house and why? A recent interview of a suspect resulted in some valuable information and may possibly help you from becoming the next victim of a residential burglary.  It was fascinating to hear what he and a crew of criminals looked for when driving around a neighbourhood.

It’s not surprising to hear the areas were nice and well taken care of or the fact that he never worked an area where he resides with his own family.  At times, he dressed with a disguise of a landscaper while looking into homes. No one ever looked twice. The goal was to always enter a home that was unoccupied. Some days they would watch for all the cars to leave the driveway before entering.  Other days, they would knock on doors pretending to know someone in the neighbourhood. There was always a “sure sign” that made a house appear to be vacant.  Everyday they would drive through various neighbourhoods and search for home that had post sticking out of the post box or large packages left on the front steps.

What else could be a better clue for a vacant house? This suspect made a very good living off of post theory!