Window Restrictors

Window Restrictors

As of the 1st July 2017 there is a new minimum standard in rental accommodation regarding window openings

Window restrictors are now required on all window openings, where windows are 1400 mm above ground level in all rental accommodation. Window Restrictor

It is important when fitting window restrictors, that they are key less, so as they don’t prevent escape in case of a fire and prevent falling out. The restrictor should not become part of the problem. The last thing you need to hear is “Wheres the Key”

“where a window has an opening section through which a person may fall and the bottom of the opening section is more then 1400 mm above external ground level, suitable safety restrictors shall be fitted. Safety restrictors shall restrain the window sufficiently to prevent such falls” from Housing Standards 2017

Building regulations for new builds, already have a requirement for window restrictors.Window Restrictor

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